Can allergies be cured by diet?


Can allergies be cured by diet?

 | By Steve Walker | @SteveWalkerWeb

During the spring and summer months, allergy symptoms can be frustrating.

A scratchy throat and itchy eyes can be cause great discomfort, and medications are simply not enough sometimes, not to mention the unnatural chemicals in them. One of the best, and most effective ways, to improve allergy symptoms and asthma symptoms is to adjust diet. The more you move towards utilising supplements and improving overall diet.

When adjusting diet to alleviate allergy symptoms, consider taking steps towards organic and homemade foods. Diet changes benefit people of all ages.

Green Tea and Soup

Consider drinking a cup of green tea when experiencing allergy symptoms. Green tea can help alleviate the symptoms as it works as a natural antihistamine. A cup of green tea in the morning can help prevent early morning sneezes.

Soup can help to warm the stomach and the airways, thus clearing up congestion and making it easy to cough up.

Avoid Non-Organic Raw Foods During Allergy Season

At peak allergy season, the pesticides on fresh produce can end up making allergies worse. It may be a better decision to switch to canned goods or more organic foods during these seasons.


Taking supplements such as aloe vera, marshmallow root, and DGL licorice can help heal the intestinal lining. There are options available for both adult and child for these supplements.


Wasabi clears up the nose and allows you to breathe better. If trying to cope with a pesky stuffy nose, consider eating something like sushi with a bit of wasabi. Another benefit of wasabi is that it can set the allergy-related histamine into action.

Yogurt and Probiotics

Probiotics, found in yogurt as well as other sources, has bacteria that are beneficial to the digestive system. This can help keep the immune system on track in order to lessen allergy symptoms experienced.


Omega-3 can help minimize the chances of showing allergy symptoms and lessen the chance of getting allergies all together.

Local Honey

Eating honey from your local town or city will put your body in tune with the surrounding flowers and pollen. This is a great remedy for defeater in allergy season. Think of it as getting a small amount of snake venom injected so your body can acclimatise and build up its own antidote.

Fruits and Vegetables

Tomatoes, eggplants, green beans, cucumbers, and zucchini can help alleviate allergy symptoms. Foods high in vitamin C and vitamin E help clean up airways and rid of pesky congestion.

Healthy Diet

Eradicating unhealthy foods from your diet such as: sugar, fizzy drinks, additives, dyes, and dairy can have an effect on allergies. The digestive system works to break down what can be potentially allergenic. Your immune cells break down and destroy proteins. Your stomach can lose its defensive ways form products that fight acid reflux.

Freeze Dried Stinging Nettles

Taking up to six capsules a day is a natural way to utilize an antihistamine. This does not make you drowsy, and is a simple remedy without side effect for allergy symptoms. This option is safe for pregnant women, which can be very helpful when struggling to find safe options to rid of allergy symptoms.

In conclusion, there are many different natural methods to aid in the fight against allergies. Some may work for you, some may not be as effective, you must try and see what works for your body. Small changes to your diet is something everyone should try before resorting to the over the counter, nasty chemical allergy pills.