Fat Burning

Can I lose weight and still drink alcohol?

Fat Burning

Can I lose weight and still drink alcohol?

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

On a mission to get that dream body? Then you're probably thinking that you've got to ditch the alcohol, right? Wrong!

It turns out that booze isn't the big diet disaster we've made it out to be. Follow our top tips and you can still enjoy the odd tipple whilst reaching your goals.

1). Line your stomach.

Prior to a big night out, it’s tempting to skip your evening meal in the hope that you’ll look slimmer in that brand-new outfit. However, this could be a totally counterproductive decision, as it may lead to a binge later in the night.

Since cocktails and mixers are loaded with simple carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels will soar over the duration of the night, before quickly crashing down. This ‘sugar crash’ leaves you feeling absolutely ravenous, meaning that en route home you’ll be tempted to slide into a take away and order a kebab with cheesy chips…

To prevent this, line your stomach with a meal that’s packed with protein, fibre and healthy fat before you head out. This will help to stabilize your blood-sugar levels (preventing that crash) and help to satisfy your appetite for hours on end.

2). Replenish Well

As if a huge hangover wasn’t bad enough, the morning after alcohol we’re often left fighting cravings for fatty foods.

The first solution? Rehydrate. Since your body is so dehydrated, you’re likely to mistake hunger for thirst. If you drink, drink and then drink some more, you can prevent those frequent trips to the cookie jar.

Another solution? Eat well. Since large quantities of alcohol can leave you feeling fatigued, your body will inevitably need replenishing. Rather than caving and ordering a Dominoes, opt for food filled with fibre, protein and healthy fat. This will help control blood sugar levels to keep you from crashing and burning.

3). Be Calorie Conscious

In order to lose weight, you need to stay in a calorie deficit. Put simply, this means that you need to consume less energy than you use. Sadly for us, alcoholic drinks can be filled with lots of calories, meaning that our calorie deficit will soon turn to a calorie surplus.

When it comes to alcohol, the general rule of thumb is this: the simpler the drink, the less calories. For example, a fancy cocktail is likely to be jam-packed with juices, puree’s and pop, meaning that it’s not good news for the waistline.

Our advice? Make some simple changes to your drink order. Try swapping your typical glass of wine for a spritzer, try ditching the full fat Coke for Diet Coke, and try opting for soda water with a slice of fruit. These lower-calorie hacks will keep you well on track. What’s more? Put all that alcoholic energy to good use on the dance floor and you’re sure to stay in your calorie deficit!

So, it turns out that alcohol doesn’t have to wreck havoc with your waistline. Just line your stomach, rehydrate/replenish well, and ditch the sugar-filled cocktails/mixers.

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