Five tips for beating jet lag


Five tips for beating jet lag

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

When you are ready to hop into bed but it’s only mid-morning in your new time zone… hello, jet lag!

As many of us are well-aware, travelling across the globe can wreak havoc with our bodies, resulting in extreme fatigue/insomnia, a loss of concentration, and a loss of appetite. But fear not, because we’ve gathered some top tips that are going to help offset these side-effects…

1. Stay hydrated

Before, during, and after your flight, you should aim to stay as hydrated as possible. Why? Because dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness and dry skin (to name but a few symptoms). What’s more? Although a glass of white wine or a large caramel latte may seem appealing, alcohol and caffeine contribute towards dehydration, so these should be avoided for a day or two.

2. Adjust your watch to the new time zone

As soon as you get on the plane, you should adjust your watch to your new time zone. Why? Because this is going to help psychologically prepare your body. So, if it’s night time where you’re heading, your watch will remind you to try and take a nap, etc.

3. Exercise

Once you’ve touched down in your new destination, doing some exercise is a great idea. Why? Because this is going to boost endorphins, encourage a good night’s sleep, and stretch out any pesky aches and pains. Whether you opt for a full-blown HIIT workout or a gentle stroll in the park, your body will thank you later.

4. Be organised

Prior to your flight, aim to purchase a lightweight blanket and travel pillow. Why? Because this is going to make sleeping on the plane far more comfortable. We’d also suggest taking an eye mask and ear plugs for extra comfort.

5. Avoid overly processed foods

Although opting for a greasy meal may seem appealing, overly processed foods are usually saturated with salt, which will leave you feeling sluggish and bloated. Instead, opt for things such as chicken (to pack in the protein), banana (to help sustain blood sugars) and cherries (to produce melatonin – a hormone thought to induce sleep).

So, there you have it! 5 tips to help you beat your jet lag. Remember to follow us on Instagram for more recipe ideas and inspiration.