Top foods to eat to reduce stress


Top foods to eat to reduce stress

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

The food you choose to eat plays a big role in how well your nervous system operates. And guess what? The more effectively it operates, the less stressed you’ll feel. So, if your work load is sky high and you’re struggling to cope, good food could be your saviour.

We’ve gathered our favourite stress busting foods - all of which are thought to keep your cortisol levels low.

1. Avocados

Avocados are the superheroes of the food world. Why? Because they are super-rich in B vitamins, potassium and blood sugar stabilizing fatty acids. All of this means that avocados relieve stress and help with anxiety.

TOP TIP: Why not whip up some homemade guacamole to reap the benefits of avocado? Just grab yourself a fork and roughly mash an avocado, chopped red onion, chopped red chilli, chopped coriander and a chopped tomato together. Finish with a squeeze of lime and some salt and pepper – now enjoy with a few tortilla chips!

2. Pistachios, Almonds, and Walnuts

It’s time to go nuts for nuts! Why? Because they are jam packed with antioxidants, magnesium and vitamin E - all of which help improve your immune system and lower stress levels.

TOP TIP: If a handful of nuts doesn’t take your fancy, try having a Nature Valley Peanut, Almond and Dark Chocolate Protein Bar. This is a great alternative if you’re not a huge nut fan.

3. Garlic

Not only does garlic add a huge punch of flavour to your food, but it has countless health benefits. Incorporating garlic into your meals can help strengthen your immune system and boost energy levels.

TOP TIP: buy yourself a garlic crusher and then add a crushed clove to (almost) everything. Whether it’s spaghetti bolognaise, fajitas or curry, it’ll work!

4. Dark Chocolate

It's good news for all you chocoholics, because it turns out that indulging in a chunk (or two) of dark chocolate can regulate your stress levels. What’s more? Dark chocolate creates a sense of euphoria that’s said to be similar to the feeling of being in love. Sounds good, right?

TOP TIP: opt for chocolate that’s 70% or above, and if you find that too bitter, try the Lindt Dark Orange Intense or Raspberry Intense – these flavours ought to curb sweet cravings.

They say that ‘you are what you eat’… so get eating stress-relieving foods and you’ll be all set.