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The health benefits of green tea

Fat BurningWellbeing

The health benefits of green tea

 | By Steve Walker | @SteveWalkerWeb

More and more people today are choosing to drink green tea as much as two to three times a day. This is because a countless amount of research has time and again proven that green tea is beneficial for the body and the immune system.

Drinking green tea has more than one benefit. Today I’ll be listing the top four health benefits of green tea.

Full of bioactive compounds

The first and most important benefit of green tea is that it is full of bioactive compounds that work to improve your health. Green tea is not just a liquid. In fact, it contains a huge amount of important nutrients that are good for your body. Green tea is high in polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins that are very powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants work to improve your body’s overall functioning by freeing the body of harmful free radicals that can cause diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer. According to a study, people who drink green tea have a 19 percent lower chance of developing breast cancer as compared to those who don’t.1

Lowers risk of Type II diabetes

Green tea is also said to reduce and lower the risk of Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is a serious disease that affects 300 million people worldwide.2 Studies in Japan reveal that green tea can lower the risk of Type II diabetes by as much as 42 percent3 a number that is definitely staggering. Moreover, another study with 286,701 individuals revealed that people who drink green tea had 18 percent lower chance of becoming diabetic in general.

Improves dental health

Green tea contains catechins that have beneficial biological effects. They restrict the growth of bacteria streptococcus mutants which can lead to tooth decay and bad breath.

Can aid with weight loss

People who drink green tea have been found to have a higher metabolic rate due to the caffiene and the antioxidants. A higher metabolism means the ability to burn calories and fat at a faster rate. Drinking green tea regularly during the day lowers the urge to eat food by filling the stomach.

By introducing green tea your diet you are giving your body the many beneficial effects of the bioacive substances in the leaves.