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Healthy supermarket ready meal ideas

Fat BurningWellbeing

Healthy supermarket ready meal ideas

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

Thanks to copious amounts of salt and sugar, microwave meals have gained themselves a pretty bad reputation, making them a big NO NO for dieters.

Despite the lack of nutrients, we all know that when life gets super-busy, a microwave meal can be that saving grace. And guess what? They doesn’t necessarily have to wreak havoc with your waistline...

We've handpicked four of our favourite ready meals that are going to keep you looking lean and on keep you totally on track.

Healthy Tesco Ready Meals

Heading to Tesco? Grab yourself a ‘Beautifully Balanced Red Thai Curry' microwave meal. The best part? For just £3, this tasty tea will give you a protein punch and fibre fix (and it will have those taste buds tingling). What's more? It's reasonably low in salt and includes green beans, baby corn, red peppers and soya beans… who said microwave meals had to lack in nutrients?

Healthy Asda Ready Meals

Next time you find yourself in ASDA, grab yourself the 'High in Protein Moroccan Chicken & Butternut Squash Falafels’ microwave meal.

The best part? This tasty dinner has a whopping 33g of protein and packs in two of your five a day… so for just £3.25, you’ve got yourself a winner winner chicken dinner.

Healthy M&S Ready Meals

Taking a trip to M&S? Try the 'Balanced for You Chicken Katsu Curry'. Why? Because it's just like your favourite Wagamama's meal, only it’s half the price! For £4.00, this high protein meal packs in 2 of your 5 a day and keeps your carb intake in check.

Healthy Sainsbury's Ready Meals

If Sainsbury’s is your supermarket of choice, grab a 'My Goodness! Courgetti & Grains in Basil Kale Pesto'. Why? Because if you haven't already jumped on the courgetti bandwagon, this is the perfect opportunity. This £2.50 tasty alternative to spaghetti will give you all the protein fibre you could dream of.

So next time you find yourself short on time, grab one of our favourite microwave meals.

If you fancy branching out and trying others, remember to keep your eyes peeled for the red, amber and green colour codes on the front of packets – the more green stamps, the better… especially when it comes to salt!

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