Fat Burning

Healthy pizza recipes, four ways!

Fat Burning

Healthy pizza recipes, four ways!

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

Gone are the days when eating pizza meant packing on the pounds. Thanks to numerous healthy & low-calorie alternatives, you can enjoy pizza absolutely guilt-free.

Here's our favourite simple substitutes:

1) Cauliflower base pizza

Ever tried using cauliflower to make a pizza base?

Simply break your cauliflower heads into pieces before blitzing in a food processor. Now all that's left to do is mix in an egg and season with a dash of salt and pepper before spreading onto a baking tray and shaping into a large circle.

VOILA - your base is ready to rumble. Just add your toppings, cook in a pre-heated oven and enjoy this low-calorie alternative.

Eating pizza doesn't have to mean putting on unwanted weight.

2) Pitta bread pizza

Ever tried swapping a traditional dough-ey base for a whole wheat pitta bread?

Not only is whole wheat pitta full of fibre, it's also super-tasty and incredibly easy to prepare.

Once you've sauced-up your pitta, try adding chicken, turkey or tuna to get a good protein punch. Alternatively, try adding mushrooms, sweetcorn, pepper and spinach - that's four of your five-a-day squeezed into one meal.

3) Tortilla wrap pizza

If pitta bread isn't your cup of tea, fear not.

Try swapping the dough-ey base for a tortilla wrap. Not only is this a light and tasty meal, it can also be prepared and cooked in a matter of minutes.

4) Portobello mushroom pizza

If you're a fan of mushrooms, why not take your love to the next level?

Simply remove the inside of the Portobello mushroom, brush with a little olive oil & season with salt and pepper. Pop the 'bases' under the grill for 5 minutes before adding your toppings and VOILA - a healthy alternative that sneaks in one of your five-a-day without compromising on flavour.

These alternatives give the traditional pizza a run for its money… so why not give one a go and let us know how you get on in the comments below?

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