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The importance of drinking water

Mass GainSports StrengthFat Burning

The importance of drinking water

 | By Steve Walker | @SteveWalkerWeb

Found in creation since the beginning of time, water is an important part of our world. It is the the number one source of hydration and the sustainability of life on our planet.

Water in its most natural form gives us so many benefits that it is difficult to replace it with anything else. Therefore, drinking water should be placed high on our to-do list and treated with utmost importance.

Believe it or not, up to 60% of our adult bodies are made up of water. Water is crucial to healthy living and to the correct working of our vital organs and systems. There are very many health benefits to drinking water and several of them we simply cannot do without. Here is just a few:

Water keeps our bodily functions working properly

As previously stated, our bodies are made up of 60% of water. Water is needed for our bodily functions to operate properly. These functions include: digesting of food, our blood circulation, our body temperature and the creation of important saliva. Water is needed for all of these functions that keep our bodies from deteriorating. Drinking water allows us to refill our water supply and keep our bodies running like they are supposed to.

We should all be aiming to drink around eight glasses of water a day.

Water helps our muscles react

In our day to day activities, our muscles keep us moving. Whether it is our facial muscles for laughing or our leg muscles for walking around the office, water is crucial to keep these muscles going. Muscles that lose water will lose nutrients, causing muscle fatigue. Our day to day activities can suffer as well as our exercise performance, especially within athletes. When we sweat, we are also losing water mass. Drinking water can replace the water we are losing and cause muscles to remain strong and active.

Water is needed for healthy skin

Perhaps you find yourself getting older and finding your skin is not as bright as it used to be. Or, you may need more water. Water aids in skin toning by keeping our skin hydrated and supple. Dehydration can cause our skin to lose much needed hydration and cause us to wrinkle faster. Simply drinking more water can cause your skin to snap back to a younger form.

Keeps your kidneys running

Your kidneys are an important part of your bodily waste system. Your kidneys cleanse and keep toxins from your body. However, you must have adequate water supply to keep this system working properly. Taking in water can aid your kidneys in working faster and smarter.

As you can see, the health benefits of water are enough to make you drink the recommended eight glasses a day. However, there are many more benefits to it than this. From mental clarity to nail and hair strength, the health benefits are endless.

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