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What is the healthiest breakfast cereal?

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What is the healthiest breakfast cereal?

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

With hundreds of chocolatey, nutty and fruity breakfast cereals to choose from, picking something (relatively) healthy can feel like mission impossible. But fear not, we’re here to help.

Starting your day with a filling and nutritious breakfast will not only fuel you for the morning ahead, but it should keep you from reaching for any mid-morning snacks.

Here’s our guide to picking your cereal:
You should try to aim for a cereal with:

Since all nutrition information is provided on the cereal box, it’s super-easy to compare one cereal with another. Here’s some comparisons to help you choose.

Bran Flakes vs Crunchy Nut.

While the classic Kelloggs Bran Flakes have just 4.2g sugar per 30g serving, the ever popular Crunchy Nut have a whopping 11.0g. So since the latter has over twice as much sugar, it’s crystal clear which you one you should choose.

Weetabix vs Cheerios

While a serving of time tested Weetabix have a total of 1.7g of sugar, the child-favourite, Cheerios have a pretty staggering 6g. What’s more? The former has just 0.10g of salt, whereas the latter has a whopping 0.28g. So once again, Weetabix is the clear-cut choice.

Shredded Wheat vs Frosted Shreddies

The classic breakfast choice, shredded wheat, have just 0.3g of sugar per 40g portion, whereas the ever popular choice, Frosted Shreddies, have a shocking 11g (in a 45g portion). The difference here is astonishing, but if that wholegrain Shredded Wheat just really isn’t sweet enough for you, try adding a little sweetness in the form of fresh fruit or honey. Since these are natural sugars, your sweet tooth will be satisfied without wreaking havoc with the waistline.

Rather have muesli/granola?

Muesli, which is often seen as a healthy cereal choice, often contains more sugar than cereals. For example, Alpen’s Original Muesli contains 9.5g of sugar per serving, meaning that it’s actually more sugary than coco pops – wasn’t expecting that, right?

To avoid a sugary start to the day when opting for museli/granola, be sure to check the nutritional labels. We’d recommend Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola.

So, keep a look out for those red, amber and green colour codes on cereal boxes - the more greens on the label, the healthier the cereal. And remember, opting for wholegrain cereal not only keeps sugar and salt levels at bay, but provides a punch of fibre and B vitamins, helping to keep that digestive system in check!

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