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Top 5 motivational Instagram accounts to follow

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Top 5 motivational Instagram accounts to follow

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

From big stars to emerging new names, the following accounts are must-follows if you’re after some food and fitness inspo.

Here are our picks for the top five influencers on Instagram you need to be following!

Joe Wicks @thebodycoach

Need inspiration for lean yet lush meals? Look no further.

Joe frequently uploads video recipes to his feed - all of which are super-flavoursome and take just 15 minutes to create!

So ditch the takeaways, because these meals are going to be on the table “quicker than any geezer on a moped” can get to you, as Joe says.

What’s more? Joe’s Instagram feed is full of workout clips. And the best part? The moves in these clips don’t rely on gym equipment, meaning they can be done wherever.

Joe is perfect to keep those with a busy schedule on track.

Follow Joe on Instagram now.

Lorraine Pascal @lorrainepascale

Lorraine reminds us all that balance is key.

One minute she’s cooking up a fresh salmon dish (and giving us the recipe, of course) and the next she’s whipping up a big, hearty cheesecake. Once she’s let the food settle she’ll head to the gym for a heavy lifting session (or an ‘anti-caking session’ as she would say).

Lorraine keeps it real and relatable and encourages women everywhere that weights aren’t just for men.

Follow Lorraine on Instagram now.

Chessie King @chessiekingg

You may not have heard of her (yet), but she’s well on the road to success.

Chessie encourages body confidence and gives us frequent reminders that even super-fit Instagrammers get bloated bellies and cellulite.

Like Joe Wicks, Chessie is a firm believer that you don’t need a gym to get lean. Sometimes she’ll fill her washing basket to the brim and use it as a weight. Other times she’ll use her pots and pans or a rock from the bottom of the garden.

Chessie proves that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Follow Chessie on Instagram now.

Faisal (Mr PMA) @faisalpmafitness

What does PMA stand for? Positive Mental Attitude – a mantra that Faisal applies to everything in life.

Faisal’s positivity and enthusiasm spreads like wildfire, so this account is a must-follow if you want your very own motivator.

His weekly motivational speeches, workout ideas and cheat day pictures mean that Faisal’s account is not to be missed.

Follow Faisal on Instagram now.

Alice @clean_eating_alice

Think you need to live off salad leaves in order to get slim? Wrong.

Alice reminds us that healthy food doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Her frequent uploads will have your stomach rumbling...just take a read of the captions and you’ll be well on you way to re-creating her masterpieces.

Another bonus? Alice is a qualified trainer so she’s frequently telling us how to safely and correctly perform exercises – think of her as a pocket personal trainer.

Follow Alice on Instagram now.

...and of course, @Cuisique

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So here you have it, head over to Instagram and go get inspired!