Mass GainFat Burning

What to order at Greggs: keeping it lean and clean.

Mass GainFat Burning

What to order at Greggs: keeping it lean and clean.

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

No matter which city in the UK you're in, you're bound to stumble upon a Greggs the bakers.  And when you're in a rush and short of money, it's an undeniably convenient option.

For many of us, Greggs is synonymous with sausage rolls and jam doughnuts. But if you ditch your 'go-to' order, we can help you keep it lean and clean whilst you're on the go.

Here are some tasty choices to order at Greggs when on a diet, with minimum cost to the waistline:

Healthiest breakfast at Greggs

Need fuelling for a busy day? Order the original pot of porridge. 1 Thanks to all the fibre, you'll feel super-full all morning long. And the best part? With just 238 calories this nutritious breakfast helps keep blood-sugar levels stable and helps reduce the risk of high cholesterol. 

Porridge not your thing? Opt for the egg breakfast roll. 2 This tasty omelette and soft roll clocks in at 380 calories, and thanks to the eggs, you'll get a good protein punch and your appetite will be well and truly satisfied.

Lowest carlorie lunch to order at Greggs

Resist the sausage roll and chicken bake and order the chargrill chicken oval bite.3 This tasty sandwich has a protein punch of 24g and just 378 calories. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, try a delicious veggie option. The falafel, harissa, roast vegetable and grains salad has just 314 calories and is a nutrient rich option. The salad leaves, red onion and mixed peppers contain lots of calcium, vitamin C and fibre, so it's great news for your body. 

Healthiest Snacks/Desserts to order at Greggs

While the copious amounts of pastries and cream cakes may seem tempting, the high sugar content will have your blood sugar levels soaring and crashing. Instead, opt for a packet of naked nuts next time you're in Greggs.4 Clocking in at 156 calories, this mix of nuts will give you a punch of healthy fat and protein, which will help to regulate blood sugar levels and provide a slow release of energy. If nuts aren't your thing, opt for the sweet and salty popcorn. This option is tasty and low-calorie in equal measures! Just 118 calories later and your sweet cravings are sure to be satisfied.

There you have it! Breakfast, lunch and a snack sorted ... and not a single greasy paper bag in site.