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What to order at Nandos: keeping it lean and clean.

Mass GainFat Burning

What to order at Nandos: keeping it lean and clean.

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

Look past the burger buns, peri-salted chips and creamy mash potato, and you’ll find that Nandos has plenty of nutritious and protein-packed treats up for grabs.

We've put together the ultimate Nando's guide. So next time you find yourself craving copious amounts of peri-peri chicken, we’ve got you covered!

First things first, ditch the bottomless pop.


Because a typical glass of Coke will weight you down with 35g of sugar (7tsp). This excessive amount of sugar will result in a ‘sugar crash’, meaning that after the meal, you’ll still feel hungry. Instead, opt for water. Not only will this save you a couple of pounds (bonus), but water is said to improve skin, improve brain function and boost metabolism.

As for the chicken...

Indulge in the Medium spiced Quarter Chicken Breast and you'll be getting a whopping 52g of protein. What’s more? This delicious and spicy order has just 8.6g of fat and 278 calories. Compare those figures to the Medium spiced Chicken Wings and you'll be shocked. The wings contain 29.9g of fat, which is over three times as much as the breast.

As for the sides...

It wouldn't be Nando's without a side order (or two), but before you get excited and order a portion of peri-salted chips (which contain 381 calories and 14.3g of fat), consider some of the more nutritious options.

If you've been pumping iron all afternoon, your body will be crying out for some energy. Order the spicy rice for a tasty yet healthy option. The rice clocks in at 227 calories with just 5.9g of fat.

Finally, fill your plate up with a portion of Corn on the Cob.

The Corn clocks in at 144 calories, with 5.7g of protein and just 2.7g of fat, making it a great choice. Remember: whilst the corn fills you with lots of antioxidants, the copious amounts of butter drizzled on top of it will try to resist adding too much butter.

Add the chicken, rice and corn together and there you have it… a 649 calorie meal. So forget the burgers and wraps, because this tasty, nutritious and protein packed meal will have your feeling super-full, with no guilt attached!