Fat Burning

What to order at Wagamama - keep it lean and clean

Fat Burning

What to order at Wagamama - keep it lean and clean

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

Thanks to their fresh ingredients and super-flavoursome dishes, Wagamama has become a firm favourite for countless hungry Brits.

And for those who are looking to keep things relatively healthy, it seems to be the perfect restaurant. We’ve gathered some our favourite dishes that are sure to keep you on track next:

1) Chicken ramen

This grilled chicken & noodle combo is an absolute must if you’re looking for a low cal, high protein meal. It clocks in at just 476 kcal and has an impressive 41.3g of protein.

The meat & noodles are served up in a tasty broth with dashi and miso, plus it comes topped with a handful of pea shoots, menma and spring onions – what’s not to love?

2) Seared Nuoc Cham tuna

For all you fish fans, look no further than the seared nuoc cham tuna steak. This flavoursome dish clocks in at 522 kcals and provides a whopping 43.3g of protein. What’s more? It’s full of omega 3 fats which are proven to help improve skin, sleep, blood pressure and memory – bonus!

It’s served on a bed of quinoa with a hearty portion of stir-fried kale, sweet potato, edamame beans, red onion and peppers – tasty!

3) Warm chilli chicken salad

This stir-fried chicken salad is a great option if you’re looking to curb the carbs. You’ll be totalling 491 and be given a generous punch of 28.3g of protein. What’s more? It has a total of 18.8g of carbohydrates, which is incredibly low in comparison to the whopping 125.8g that come in the Katsu Curry!

The salad is served with red peppers, mangetout, tender stem broccoli and red onion, and is of course finished with a sweet chilli sauce.

4) Pad Thai salad

This chicken & prawn combo is perfect if you’re on a low carb plan since it totals just 15.6g of carbohydrates. What’s more? It promises 22.5g protein and just 342 calories, making it a great lunch option.

The meat and fish is served alongside mixed leaves, mangetout, baby plum tomatoes, shredded pickled beetroot, carrot and red onion and is finished with fried shallots and a flavour-full ginger miso dressing.

So, there you have it! 4 meals that promise lots of flavour & minimal damage to the waistline.