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What's the best fast food to order for gym gains?

Mass GainFat Burning

What's the best fast food to order for gym gains?

 | By Holly Trueman | @hollytrueman

Although they’ve got a bad reputation, fast food chains don't have to wreak havoc with your health & fitness goals. If you choose your meal wisely, you'll be getting all those gains without compromising on any flavour.

Next time fast food is your only option, follow our guide and you'll be all set!

Heading to Burger King?

Get your taste buds tingling with the Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich. This killer sandwich clocks in at 380 calories and is packed with 22g of protein, 38g of carbs and only 16g of fat. 

The juicy chicken fillet and artisan bun is sure to satisfy your hunger... and better yet, it has almost half the calories of a Whopper beef burger!

Heading to McDonald’s?

Treat yourself to an Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich for a super-flavoursome lunch.

This tasty meal clocks in at 380 calories and has a huge protein pay-out of 37g. What's more? This sandwich has 44g of carbs and 7g of fat, making it an excellent choice when compared to a Big Mac. Note: A Big Mac will weigh you down with 25g of fat, which is over 3 times as much as the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich!

Heading to KFC? 

Why not indulge in a Kentucky Grilled Chicken Thigh with a House Side Salad and Corn on the Cob next time you find yourself in KFC? This order clocks in at 235 calories, and has a protein punch of 20g, just 9.5g of fat and only 20g of carbs. 

Since this is a super-low calorie lunch, why not add an extra Kentucky Grilled Chicken Thigh to bring the total to 385? All that flavoursome meat will help assist in the growth and recovery of the muscles that you’re after. 

Note: if you opt for an item from the grilled menu, you’ll keep your calorie count well on track, whereas if you cave and order battered/fried chicken, your calorie count for the meal will double!

So, next time you're out and about, choose one of our low calorie and high protein options! Also, remember to swerve the fries and fizzy pop when you’re ordering as these are jam-packed with empty calories.